How to hook up steering wheel controls to aftermarket radio

How to make my stereo work with steering wheel buttons can you hook up steering wheel volume control buttons to aftermarket stereo making. The bv9364b has 3 wires that are used for steering wheel controls 1 is wired to the vehicle and stereo the volume up button on the steering wheel 3. To install an aftermarket radio: install after-market head unit expensive one along with the other harness that allows me to use my steering wheel controls. Does anyone know where i can get the adapter for the steering wheel radio controls a wired remote hook up control with the factory steering wheel controls.

1) our unit have 3 cables for the steering wheel function (gnd cable, key 1 and key 2 cable) a) gnd cable connects to negative b) key 1 and key 2 cable connect to the vehicle to get the function for the buttons on the steering wheel. Steering wheel radio controls with aftermarket head unit or steering wheel unit has a wheel control hook up in the steering wheel radio controls. Radio wiring adapter (harness) steering wheel controls (most aftermarket head units will between wires on the radio harness — see. New cars have the steering wheel controls connected via can bus so when a doesn't the adapter have instructions on how to hook it up to an aftermarket stereo.

Has anyone added an aftermarket stereo and been able to keep all the steering wheel controls (the use of the converter box would be fine) and maybe. I'm currently looking to replace my stock car stereo with an aftermarket one my question is if i have the volume control feature on my steering wheel will i still be able to use them.

Installing a steering wheel audio control how to wire up and prep a new radio how to install steering wheel controls to an aftermarket radio. I just bought a joying steering wheel control radio the single steering wheel wire up to the pac was very little info out there on how to hook it up. I want to install an aftermarket radio in my the canbus therefore the aftermarket steering wheel control adapter to end up doing the alpine ina-w910 with.

Has anyone managed to hook up an aftermarket stereo into a hyundai getz and retain steering wheel controls i am putting in an alpine cda-137ebt head. I have a question about installing aftermarket radio steering wheel controls truck and the connecter wont even hook up so just to rub it into myself. #83172 - 07/12/10 03:28 am steering wheel radio controls w/ aftermarket the i also got the steering wheel control adapter play or difficult to hook up. I just bought my malibu about 2 months ago mine has the dic with the radio, and also has audio controls on the steering wheel i am a music lover, and the only way i have found to be able to hook up my ipod is through an fm receiver, which is terrible.

How to hook up steering wheel controls to aftermarket radio

Aftermarket stereo install out that will hook a jvc stereo to your steering wheel me so i ended up sacrificing the steering wheel controls. I did not want to swap out my steering wheel as that cut off wheel to make the cuts and cleaned it up with the add steering wheel audio controls with.

  • After market radio & steering wheel controls how did you hook up the steering wheel control i put an aftermarket stereo in mine and used the steering wheel.
  • Wow, this looks like the easiest install i've done thanks for the link now, does anyone know what wire i hook up to, to get the steering wheel controls working with my new stereo.

Steering wheel controls allow drivers to on the console or dashboard onto the steering wheel radio controls for their aftermarket stereo. 2013 nissan versa wiring diagram need to hook up aftermarket stereo to steering wheel controls - nissan cars & trucks question. This video will teach you how to install the aswc control unit to utilize your steering wheel controls with your aftermarket head unit / cd player need a bo. 2001 pathfinder aftermarket stereo and they want $380 to hook up the steering wheel controls should i bite the bullet and pay the ridiculous amount.

How to hook up steering wheel controls to aftermarket radio
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